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Bräuer, Suzanna


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Geomicrobiology of Ferromanganese Deposits in Caves of the upper Tennessee River Basin 2012 3415 Ferromanganese deposits in epigenic cave systems located within the Knox Dolomite bedrock formation of the upper Tennessee River Basin were analyzed to determine the role of microbes in the cycling of manganese and the transformation of cave mineralo...
Southern Appalachian Peatlands Sustain Unique Assemblages of Archaea 2013 483 Numerous aspects of three peatlands (Pineola Bog, NC, Sugar Mountain Bog, NC, and Tater Hill Bog, NC) located along the Southern Appalachian highlands of western North Carolina were analyzed to elucidate the impact on future climatic warming events v...
Illumina Sequencing of Fungal Assemblages Reveals Compositional Shifts as a Result of Nutrient Loading Within Cave Sediments 2014 160 This study compared fungal communities in two southern Appalachian caves: Carter Saltpeter Cave (CSPC, an anthropogenically-impacted cave) and Daniel Boone Caverns (DBC, a near-pristine cave). The impacted cave had an order of magnitude greater cell ...