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Bonham, Barbara


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Cognitive and Non-Cognitive College Readiness in Participants in Three Concurrent Enrollment Programs at a North Carolina Community College 2010 1525 This study’s purpose was to investigate the college readiness of students from three concurrent enrollment programs at a North Carolina community college. Groups included participants in the Huskins dual credit program, the non-Huskins dual enrollmen...
The Effects of Dual Enrollment Credit and Huskins Program Credit on College Readiness 2010 1128 This causal-comparative study researched the effects of dual enrollment and Huskins Bill course experience on traditional-age North Carolina community college students. The study examined dual enrollment and Huskins Bill course effects on academic...
Predictors of Success for Community College Developmental Math Students in Online, Hybrid, and Traditional Courses 2012 431 The growth of the internet has increased demand for online and hybrid courses, which provide educational opportunities for students who are unable to attend traditional classes. This is particularly true of community college students, who are often n...