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Triplett, N. Travis


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Sprinting Patterns in Youth Initiating From Two Different Types of Starts 2011 2799 Different constraints, such as instructions, may influence the sprint start performance. The purpose of this study was to determine if the sprint start movements and acceleration time of a 30m sprint is altered using different instructions in youth....
Effect of Inter-Repetition Rest on Kinetic and Kinematic Variables in the Power Clean 2011 1815 The purpose of this investigation was to examine the effect of IRR on kinetic and kinematic variables in the power clean during a multiple set exercise protocol. 10 male, recreational weightlifters participated in 4 testing sessions. Subjects perfo...
Using microdialysis to investigate the local skeletal muscle inflammatory response to resistance exercise 2011 1158 Tissue trauma is associated with marked increases in inflammatory cytokines. Increased inflammatory cytokines have been detected in the blood after high intensity eccentric exercise and long duration aerobic exercise. The source of the increased in...