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Perry, L. Baker


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Aerosol-Precipitation Interactions in the Southern Appalachian Mountains 2011 1260 Aerosols directly and indirectly influence the surface energy balance and therefore have an important impact on weather and climate. The indirect effects of aerosols, associated with changes in cloud properties and lifetimes, remain poorly understood...
Satellite Perspectives on the Spatial Extent of New Snowfall in the Southern Appalachian Mountains 2013 464 The Southern Appalachian Mountains (SAM) are a heavily forested mid-latitude mountain region which provide an ideal location for assessing the suitability of satellite-derived snow maps and explicitly linking atmospheric circulation to the spatial pa...
Snowfall Event Characteristics from a High-Elevation Site in the Southern Appalachian Mountains 2013 180 Accurate assessment of snowfall patterns in high elevation remote areas is essential to providing the necessary boundary conditions for climatological analyses. The Southern Appalachian Mountain (SAM) region of the eastern U.S. provides a unique stud...